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Animal Hospital of Pembroke Our Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a social education, through our veterinary services, that creates awareness in our clients, resulting in the well-being of our pets and strengthening our emotional bond with our companion animals as family members. Furthermore, provide help and solutions that meet our clients’ expectations and necessities. We accomplish our goal by highlighting the importance of clients’ role as part of the team we form, whose main objective is a happy, healthy pet.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote the health of pets by practicing veterinary medicine with high standards and transmitting the necessary values ​​to ensure the prevention of diseases, taking into account those of zoonotic nature. Maintain our hospital with up to date technologies and equipment for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of diseases, where our qualified technical staff can professionally apply their experience and knowledge to offer the best possible veterinary medicine.

Animal Hospital of Pembroke Our Vision
Animal Hospital of Pembroke Our Values

Our Values

Our values towards our clients and patients are to offer an exceptional care and attention during each visit in a compassionate, enthusiastic and caring manner. We will always recognize the importance of good communication and education in order to reach our mission. Nonetheless, as staff members, we uphold certain values like respect, professionalism, positive attitude, pride, creativity, and improvement in a productive and enjoyable work atmosphere that ultimately focuses in our patients and their families’ satisfaction.

Our Hospital

At Animal Hospital of Pembroke Road, you are part of our Veterinary team. Our veterinarians and staff are a family working towards your pet’s health as a family member. Our Animal Hospital is in Hollywood, Florida and it is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from digital imaging, ultrasound machine, latest software and technology, dental, as well as diagnosing and treating your pets as patients in-house. Our Animal Hospital also includes a well-equipped operating room for when surgery is needed. Our veterinarians know your pets are always there for you, so we are here for when you need to be there for them.